Educational Light School of Chess

The Fun is in the Learning!

Dynamic Classes

Educational Light teaches children to love the game of chess - its rewards, as well as challenges. Throughout each class, students actively engage with the material, with each other and with their instructors. Educational Light places flexible thinking before formulas and strategic planning before rote memorization.

Personalized Program

Because everyone learns in their own way, teachers at Educational Light begin by getting to know their students as individuals. Within this context, teachers follow an interactive curriculum grounded in a deep understanding of chess fundamentals.

Extraordinary Teachers

Learn from the best! Educational Light coaches are not only expert chess players, they are experienced and caring teachers; teachers who know their students as well as their game.

Praise for Educational Light School of Chess

Josh Waitzkin

International Master, 8 time National Chess Champion and subject of Searching for Bobby Fischer

“Light Buggiani is a teacher of the highest order - I could not recommend him more wholeheartedly to parents looking to give their child a profoundly rewarding human experience through the art of chess.”

Bruce Pandolfini

Renowned Chess Teacher, Acclaimed Chess Author, Co-Founder of Chess in the Schools

“Light Buggiani is one of America's most creative and inspiring chess teachers. If I could start the journey of learning how to play chess again, I can think of no better guide than Light.”